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Professional Estate Appraisal Service in Manteca

Located in the Central Valley of California, Manteca is a great place to live. This city is suburban, with a very calm environment and wonderful community values that gives a constant sense of safety. If you're looking for a certified residential appraiser in Manteca, get in touch with us today!

Torlai Appraisal Service is here to help

Investing in real estate properties in Manteca is a safe bet, but it's incredibly important that you get property evaluated to determine the fair value and pay the right price. That's where our real estate appraiser in Manteca comes into the equation.

At Torlai Appraisal Service, we offer professional estate appraiser services in Manteca. Our residential appraisers evaluate the property to its merit and provide an impartial, objective, and unbiased opinion about the value help you make the right decision.

Who are we?

We're a family-owned real estate appraisal service run by a team of property appraisal specialists with a combined 45 years of experience in the field. We're a leading provider of estate appraiser services in Manteca with decades worth of expertise and knowledge.

Over the years, we've cultivated a reputation as a premier real estate appraiser in Manteca that offers precise valuations on all sorts of real estate. We've helped numerous clients with Bankruptcy, Estate, FHA, IRS, Probate, REO, and conventional appraisals.

With rapid turnaround rates and a massive lender approval list, few residential appraisal services can parallel our service quality!

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Livo Torlai

Peter Torlai

· Certified Residential #AR011278

· Over 30 years of experience

· FHA approved appraiser


· Certified Residential #AR041767

· FHA approved appraiser

· Extensive FHA and REO experience